Mistakes you should avoid in the practice of Yoga

Mistakes you should avoid in the practice of Yoga

Yoga is not only moving the body, it goes much further. Existing more than 2000 thousand years ago, this philosophy of practical life is able to harmonize the physical and spiritual side of the human being. Although it is a group of ancient knowledge, it is possible only with the work of the asanas (postures) to find balance and awaken the body consciousness.


Those who choose to practice yoga see in the method a way to lighten the burden of everyday life. A study conducted at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro points out that "when yoga is confronted with other interventions such as relaxation, it is observed that both techniques produce reductions in anxiety, but only yoga is able to significantly improve different domains of the state such as mental health and the role of the emotional role. " So it's worth stressing that practice may not be the only way to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress, but it's a great ally.

Besides these advantages, those who choose yoga find in the activity (in the short and long term) a possibility to strengthen muscles, gain more flexibility, increase concentration, improve sleep and self-esteem, as well as energize the body and achieve inner peace. But where to start?

It is easy to go into a yoga class and repeat the postures taught by the teachers. The question is: am I practicing correctly? And how can I be sure that I will achieve the desired goal?

With that in mind, we have listed six mistakes for not committing to yoga and enjoying all its benefits. Check out:

Let the problems dominate

Everyone at one time or the other have challenges but the significant thing that differences how our problems get to us is the way we handle them. When not handled properly, challenges grow to become problems which may affect us in several other aspects of our lives. Starting a yoga class with a head full of worries is not at all productive. Have you ever thought of going somewhere to relax and continue with negative thoughts? It is not good. Therefore, the recommendation of teachers is always to try, to the maximum, to "empty" the mind of what torments you.


That moment is yours alone. Do not prevent the practice from flowing, allow yourself to be disconnected from everything and everyone. Put all the tension away and relax.


Not knowing which mode you want, nor the level at which it is

Yoga beginners may find it difficult to keep track of who has been in practice for some time. The point is to know more about each modality and if it fits the desired objectives. For example, those who want a quieter, more basic practice may not adapt well to a power yoga class, which is more dynamic and full of vigorous movements.


Do some research before you start practicing. Among the most common types of yoga stand out: hatha yoga, iyengar yoga, ashtanga yoga, kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga and superioga. Each of them possess their own benefits. Apart from doing a little research, you can discuss with your yoga teacher about what you really want and then consider their recommendations. Sometimes, some of the yoga practices come in stages.


Force postures even with pain

Seeing an epic photo of a yoga posture on social media can be very tempting. A very common mistake in yoga practitioners is to force a posture. The professionals of the area always warn: it is essential to respect the limit of the body itself. When you notice that the pain is intense, unlike the stretching exercises, stop immediately. The flexibility is gradual, so do not worry if you cannot do a certain type of position perfectly, as insistence can lead to serious injury. Consistency should not be overlooked, when you practice frequently, you will sure notice progress each day and hopefully you won’t be too far to make that dream pose.


Look at colleague's performance

This error can be aligned with the previous one. Nothing to be discouraged if your classmate can perform better in the classroom. Growth is individual and will come with time, so the importance of having a consistent practice. It is no use starting and not striving to maintain the exercise throughout the week with the precise commitment.


Breathe wrong

Many do not know, but breathing is fundamental in the daily life of the human being. When a person is very nervous, it is common to close your eyes and take a deep breath. A calm, fluid breathing harmonizes the body, and the pranayamas (breathing techniques) are an alternative for that to happen.

Prana is the vital energy, it is what brings strength and energy to the body. Pranayamas help in balancing this potency and help purify the energetic conduits through which it passes. There are several exercises, such as the nadi shodhana (alternating nostrils), which are great for a healthy practice and a more harmonious day to day.


Eat before you practice

Ever tried running with a full belly? The result is not pleasant, is it? So is it in a yoga class. It is very important not to stuff yourself with heavy foods before the practice. The ideal is to feed yourself two hours before class. Give preference to light, easily digestible foods. Cereals, fruits, breads, oilseeds and natural bars come on the list. Remember, you are what you eat. A balanced diet brings health to the body.


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