Places you can practice yoga.

Places you can practice yoga.

The yoga is a universal method of full benefits. From the east, the practice gained fame in Western countries with great ease. And not for less, since the advantages go far beyond the physical body.


Young people and adults seek in yoga practice a solution to various problems. These problems are often caused by the stress of everyday life. Stress, anxiety, lack of concentration and flexibility, memory loss, spine pain, low self-esteem. All of this can be treated with yoga.


The big question is that it is not always possible to go to a studio to do the lesson. The high price and lack of time are some of the obstacles encountered by practitioners. But who said that we need to go to a specific place to practice? There are other reasons why we can seek to practice yoga outside the studios. Some may want to appreciate the environment during the cause of practice. Some others may not be comfortable with practicing with others. Even though yoga teaches slow, steady growth, we cannot deny the fact that some thoughts of feeling bad can come when we see other class members growing rapidly while we are not. In such cases, most people may want to avoid studios and other competitive places in order to grow at their own pace without having to deal with much of these feelings.


Yoga, a versatile method

Yoga is so cool that it can be practiced in several places, since it does not require specific devices for the method step by step.

Online yoga courses are on the rise. With a tablet, computer or cell phone, you can take the class wherever and whenever you want. You just need to be in the right clothes and respect the limit of your own body, important point to avoid future injuries.

In the park

Nothing's better than going to a park, is not it? Better yet when you can practice the activity you both enjoy.

There are numerous groups that come together in parks for the realization of yoga. But if you want something more reserved, more in your time, you can opt for online classes.

On the trip

This another reason why people may not be able to practice yoga in studios or classes. Many entrepreneurs are always on the move, travelling and going to places every time, so it is not advisable to register a yoga class since one will not be around. Nevertheless, you still have to keep your body and mind in shape. It is very much possible to practice yoga in the hotel room or in any lodge where you will be settling for the trip.

Did you go to a campsite? Relax with the practice to the sound of nature, nothing better. If your option is the beach, extend the mat on the sand and enjoy the present moment.


At work

We may not have enough time to do some asanas in the morning before leaving for work. However, some offices do have spaces or workout rooms where you can practice yoga and keep in shape mentally and physically. Sometimes too you can be stressed out while at work, all you need is a break. A break that will get your mind back to calmness. Yoga can help you.

If you have a more reserved place, you can extend the mat and perform the asanas. Try to relax, calm the mind and surrender to the moment. Avoid any external concern.

Now, if you do not have much time or space for something more elaborate, do the sitting postures yourself. There are several sitting asanas that can relieve back strain and provide great well-being.


At home

Do not want to go to a studio? Book a quiet place in your home. Ideally, you should have as little external interference as possible. At home, you are in your comfort zone, you could even invite friends over or engage your other family members in the practice of yoga.

Try to leave the place to your liking. Put some ambient music and if you want, light an incense.

Take off your work clothes and place one looser, giving you the flexibility you need. It is good to have finished all the necessary tasks to be done at home so that you will have a relaxed mind during practice

Start practicing and feel all the benefits.

Remembering that the ideal is to practice two hours before going to bed, so as not to disturb sleep.


It is very easy to come up with excuses of why you should not practice yoga. The truth is, whatever we want to do in this life, we must find an excuse when we search for them. Yoga offers so many benefits that mere excuses may not be enough to miss out in these benefits. So in any place you find yourself, try as much as possible to take care of your body, soul and mind the way you are supposed to.


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