Some of the benefits of practicing yoga at home

Some of the benefits of practicing yoga at home

Slimming, gaining flexibility, getting fit, toning the body, eliminating stress and tension are some of the many benefits that Yoga practice brings. Yoga offers an overall benefit to the various aspects of life which includes the mind, the body, emotions, the soul, concentration etc.

Have you ever done Yoga? Or do you always say that you will start and give up on the third day?

It's all right.

No one is obliged to continue doing something they do not want to do. But have you ever stopped to think that you always quitting may not be as a result of what you are doing, but how are you doing it. Yes, the process we take or manner of practice can be the reason that makes us give up on something so easily. It may be the place, the type of Yoga, the schedule you make and a whole lot of other options that may come into mind.

Many people think that the only option to practice Yoga is in studios. As such they tend to make out time meant for other things to be able to practice yoga. The practice of yoga is to help us cope wth our daily life challenges and how we relate with other people. Thus, this practice should not be one that brings imbalance to other aspects of our lives, of course the aim will be defeated then. ‘

Come to think of it, how else can we then take part of this great practice without having to drive or walk long distances or shift our own schedules to meet class schedules? The answer here is at home. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why practicing yoga at come can help our motivation with continuing the practice.

A big thanks to the technology and knowledge of this practice you can already enjoy all the benefits of it without leaving home.

Below we list 6 reasons for you to do Yoga in the comfort of your home.

It's cheaper

Yoga studios can be expensive. On average, most yoga classes charge fees per lesson or per week. No matter how you want to evaluate this, there are other added expenses like transportation and payments like parking space. Calculate this and you will know how much you’ve spent in a year already.

At home you just need to have a suitable rug (which costs little) and choose a good online program, preferably one that specializes in you and your needs as a woman or man or child! There are very cheap options !


In your time: you do not have to follow anyone's rhythm

Your Yoga does not have a certain time, a predetermined rhythm.

Who should determine the pace of the lesson? You! Who pushes the pause button? You! When in a general yoga class, you have to follow the rhythms of the class. There is a kind of pressure mounted on you when you cannot flow with the progress of the class.


At home, there is no need to change your pose every 30 seconds, like in class with other people. In the studio the pace is determined by the average level of students.

At home you're the boss! You can decide to stay longer or work out at your own pace. Of course, no pose has an overdose as long as you maintain all the principles of focus and breathing, you can decide to hold your poses longer before moving to the next one.


At any time you want

The best time to do Yoga is its time!

Stopping everything you do on some mornings of the week just because the studio has few schedules is a thing of the past.

Sometimes you've had a busy day and you could not get there at the time the place offers. With no other options, you do not do Yoga that day.

At home does not have this problem. You practice when you feel good and when you have time, and if you want you can get your friends who have an interest in Yoga like you!

Do you want to practice Yoga at night? In the afternoon? In the morning? With an online program this choice is really yours.


Reduces the risk of injury

Incredibly, doing yoga at home can be safer.

That's because only you know the true limits of your body. That little help from the instructor may be the missing shove for a serious injury. Yes, most yoga instructors are trained to help you train according to your limits, but no one really knows you more than yourself, your progress and other when youu feel comfortable with moving to a next stage.

With technology, the teacher no longer needs to be present physically, and not even live. Yeah! With online classes made especially for you  gives you to evolve in practice and enjoy the benefits of Yoga without getting hurt.

Is the class finished? You can do it again if you want.

You love Yoga: you drive to the place of the lesson, you dedicate yourself to each movement and when you finish you feel you want more?


Yes, but you can not. Time is up, class is over.


At home and with online classes  you choose the duration of your class - if you need to stop before the end nobody will reproach you, just give pause! And if you want to practice longer, just hit the play and do one more class! That simple.


No one is judging you

Your home, your Yoga.

Your house, your rules, zero judgment.

If you can not make a more complicated position, no problem - there is no one analyzing you and you can always try one more time.


In a face-to-face class you only have one chance to hit the moves. And even if you do not give so much ball to that, we know how boring this situation is. If the class is mixed, you still have to dodge the on-the-spotters. Yoga and stress do not match!


Okay, but how can I do it at home?

In general, internet videos are generic, without a progression or order that can help you really feel the benefits of Yoga.


What you need are not these generic classes, pieces of Yoga, but rather a complete program, framed for your needs and made so that you can improve with time!


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