What does yoga bring? 8 good reasons to start now!

What does yoga bring? 8 good reasons to start now!


What are some of the hidden benefits of yoga and what is it good for? Of course, yoga gives you a good body feeling! But is that all? It is a proven and holistic health care system that contributes to overall wellbeing and has many benefits.

The obvious positive effects of yoga include tight muscles and high flexibility of the body. And the best part is that you only need a yoga mat for yoga . But in truth, regular Yoga sessions give you many more benefits than you may have known. So what does yoga bring? What are the specific advantages?

Improved concentration

Concentration simply means that attention is focused on one point. This is sometimes difficult in everyday life, as the mind is very easily distracted. Concentration issues mean that we cannot do well the tasks we care about. During a yoga class, your teacher encourages you to focus on the breath over and over again. Exactly this moment you can remember - close your eyes for a moment and concentrate only on the breath. Alone, that is usually enough for the body to remember the yoga units and improve concentration . This is true for all styles of yoga , with a special position in Kundalini Yoga .

More patience in everyday life

Another wonderful benefit of regular yoga practice is the knowledge to indulge completely in the present moment. This dedication to the present. Impatience means that you want to be somewhere else fast, or you want to deal with other things quickly. To make up for these impatient tendencies, yoga is the perfect workout. You consciously pause, remain in various asanas and focus on your breath. In yoga you only have your yoga mat under you and consciously perceive the peace and quiet in the here and now. Yoga can also help in solving sleep problems.

Detoxification (detox)

There are courses around the world dedicated to detox yoga. Because losing weight with yoga is also possible. Because through every yoga style, you achieve to some extent a detoxification of your body. In yoga, there is an increased influx of oxygen-rich blood. In addition, the digestive organs are stimulated by gentle pressure through certain asanas, as well as stimulating the kidneys and liver, which play a key role in detoxification. Body rotations of any kind are especially helpful and during the pranayama (breathing exercises) the blood is purified by the increased oxygen supply.

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Strengthened self-confidence

Yoga can help you to become more confident on many levels. The regular exercise gives you a practical way to strengthen internal and external properties such as strength, balance and concentration. Also by constant improvements in the practice, of course, increases our confidence. On the energetic level, yoga strengthens the solar plexus chakra, which supports self-confidence.

Balanced hormone balance

Yoga has been known to rebalance the entire system. This refers in particular to the glands of the endocrine system, whose role is to secrete hormones in the body. They promote these glands (both energetically and physically) each time you perform your asanas. For example, the so-called Childs Pose has a very soothing and rejuvenating effect on the adrenal glands, which secrete a number of hormones, such as cortisol (stress hormone).

Down-to-earth feeling

The Root Chakra (Muladhara) refers to our origins, our origins and gives us a sense of physical security. When it works well and the energy flows, it helps us feel grounded and connected to the earth. This chakra is slightly above and in front of the coccyx. Asanas like Krieger 1 and 2, as well as Trikonasana, stimulate and strengthen it. By consciously pursuing these attitudes, you help the root chakra gain energy and make yourself feel more grounded. Especially in times of physical changes, such as relocation or travel, this can be a very helpful method.

Inspired creativity

The Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana) is the center of creativity within our subtle bodies. It is located in the region of the coccyx and can be activated by targeted asanas to ignite your own creativity. Remember, creativity is not just about painting a beautiful painting. Rather, it refers to our ability to solve problems and think "out of the box". No matter if we are artistic or not! Try Paschimottanasana (Sit Forward Bend), Sirsasana (Move Head to Knee) or Bhujangasana (Cobra) to unleash your creativity in everyday life.

Sharp intuition

Our intuition is usually located on the right side (or right brain). Unfortunately, in today's very rational world, we rarely hear that aspect of our mind. A regular meditation practice helps to stay calm, to appreciate silence and to prevent fears. It also helps to make room for the infinite wisdom of our intuition so that we can find exactly the answers we need most.


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