Yoga for Children

Yoga is a universal practice. The benefits of those who carry out the method go far beyond the physical, and this is not restricted to the older ones. The children's yoga is an example of an activity that has grown every year. It is even great for those who want to give their children a moment of harmony and new experiences with themselves.


Children go through many stressful times, whether at school or on the street. Change of home or school, discussions among friends, separations from parents, loss of pets, are several situations that can make the little ones sad and / or nervous. In addition, problems such as impulsivity, aggression, poor responses and lack of respect for others are increasingly common in children's daily lives. Yoga can help.


Constant yoga practice helps children become more aware of the present moment. Check out other benefits.



Self-knowledge is important for anyone, whether child or adult. Unlike those who have never thought, or had the opportunity to self-know, the little ones who grow up knowing what they are, what they want and what limits they have, have the opportunity to develop more easily.


In addition, self-awareness helps you gain more body awareness, which is great for avoiding injury. There are only advantages to children's yoga.



Having a good breathing since childhood is very important. Breathing properly is essential for the health of the body and mind, as it helps you stay calm in difficult times of day to day. A child who knows how to breathe right has more control over possible cases of anxiety.


Emotional awareness

Emotional awareness is linked to self-knowledge. Knowing how to handle your own emotions is extremely important for healthy growth. By practicing yoga, children learn more about what is emotion and how to take care of it in all situations.

Yoga is non-competitive.

One of the wrong notions created by the world today is that of societal and academic standard. Most people are so bent on achieving the most and constantly comparing themselves with other people. Yoga, on the other hand, teaches peculiarity, everyone is special in their own way. No one is better than the other, and we all should take time to study our bodies and make the most out of them which also includes mindfulness. When children practice yoga and have this toxic notion corrected, they will build an early self-esteem and be far away from the anxiety, stress, pressure that comes from what the society thinks.

Yoga teaches self-acceptance.

One of the leading problems in society today is that of self-hate and low self-esteem. While society is preaching inadequacy, yoga will teach children how to climb the stairs of self-love. They will grow to love themselves and strive better in whatever dream they hope to achieve. Practicing yoga is a good way to boost a child's self-esteem. Like any other physical activity, yoga helps to work on self-confidence, which strengthens the little ones even more.

They will not live their lives based on the notion of others. Above all, they will be a light and guide for people who are in the pit of self-doubt.

Yoga encourages healthy habits.

The best way to teach your children wonderful habits while they are still young is through the practice of yoga. This is because, yoga teaches us to value or body, mind and soul. When children have such a mindset, they will be far away from doing things that are harmful to their system. Yoga is also an exercise that is suitable for kids, it doesn’t demand much on the muscles, allowing the child to grow to their full potential while also making sure that they have a healthy, physically active life.



Lack of concentration is very common in childhood, especially in agitated children. When practicing yoga constantly, the little ones need to use the maximum attention for the realization of the asanas, which helps to increase the concentration during the yoga or any other activity of the day to day.

Yoga supports positive mental health in children.© 2019

This benefit comes as a result of the combination of all the above stated. When children learn to cherish their peculiarity and uniqueness, they will only see the good in others and be strong pillars of societal peace. They will be mindful of their strengths, capabilities and would also be resilient whenever they face life challenges. of course, those are part of the qualities of a mentally healthy child.

Another great attribute to sound mental health is positivity when children practice yoga, they are always positive about life, know how to handle challenges and will unlikely fall into the trap of anxiety, stress, and depression.


After all, child can practice yoga or not?

Yes, children can practice yoga, provided they are performed according to the age of each. Children's yoga is different from that practiced by adults as it is playful. Storytelling, theater, music, group games, all this is done in an exclusive class for children.

Yoga is for everyone, that includes children. In a world where the elderly and aged are looking for remedies to fix the results of bad lifestyle lived in the past. We can start now to show our children the path to healthy living. Because they are kids, there are some of the different kinds of yoga that they will be restricted to. It is best you reach out to experiences yoga instructors to help you with such a choice.


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