Yoga for Weight loss.

Yoga for Weight loss.

There is no doubt yoga comes with a lot of benefits one of which is weight loss. Thanks to the relaxation it produces, Yoga helps reduce the level of cortisol. High levels of cortisol favor the accumulation of fat in the body, in addition to producing other negative effects for our body. In this text, we will take you through some yoga asanas and poses that can help you lose weight in various parts of your body.

Yoga is structured from positions, and each of them impacts some aspect of the person, physical or mental. There is no need for extraordinary flexibility to practice Yoga, but constancy is the key to being able to practice and evolve. When you start, a few of the poses may become difficult to carry out or even sustain, but with constant practice you will become accustomed to them and then reap the benefits to the fullest

Yoga Training to Lose Weight

If it is part of your goal to lose weight, Yoga is a good option. It allows to lose weight, respecting to the maximum body, without the use of artificial products that may come with their side effects. All it takes is commitment and constancy.

The most visible effect when doing Yoga is that we can reduce the abdomen and the legs. To this end, various postures are proposed, some of which are very effective. They all have in common that the abdominal region and the legs are active throughout the exercise. When performing yoga for weight loss, you should not be too inquisitive and keen about results or you may end up with frustration. Depending on the person, with constant practice, you can begin to see results in a few weeks. All that matters is that you are consistent, patient and mindful in every pose so that you don’t carry out poses wrongly.

1 - Heating: "Tadasana"

When starting any movement training, you need to take some time to warm up your relaxed muscles in order to prevent muscle strain or tear. Yoga is no exception. This posture should be performed standing up. The back should be straight and shoulders relaxed, back and down; the feet should be kept apart.

Once you are in this posture, you must inhale slowly, at the same time you raise your arms in the form of a cross. The hands unite above the head. Hold for twenty seconds and exhale.


2 - Flexion: "Padahastasana"

From the previous posture, the body flexes, bringing the hands to the feet. This pose may not be so easy for beginners at first, but repetition and consistency will help you do it and take advantage of this Yoga posture to lose weight.©


You should hold the position for sixty seconds and repeat the exercise ten times; the abdomen and legs concentrate all the effort, which helps to tone and eliminate fat.


Woman doing flexible yoga posture


3 - Posture of the warrior: "Virabhadrasana"

The starting point is to put the body upright  and separate the feet about six inches. Raise your arms and stretch them; the palms of the hands are gathered over the head.

From this posture, take a large step with the right leg, which will form a ninety degree angle between the femur and the tibia. The left remains stationary and tensed.

The head leans back and the back straight.

This posture should be maintained for ten seconds and then return to the original position.

4 - The triangle: "Trikonasana"

From the upright position, separate your legs as far as you can.

Gradually turn right foot ninety degrees to the right.

Keep your hips and legs still and lower your upper body to the right. The hand is as close as possible to the right ankle; already the left arm points up.

Hold for ten seconds and return to the starting point.

5 - The board: "Phalakasana"

Man doing board pose

In the belly-down position, place both legs together , feet resting on the tips of the fingers. The body is straight and the arms perpendicular to the ground; his hands flat on him.

Raise your left arm and turn your torso.

Return to starting position. Repeat the movement to the right.

The goal is to repeat the cycle five times.

6 - The camel: "Ustrasana"

On your knees, bring your torso back and touch your ankles with your hands.

Breathing is important, so inhale the air as you begin the exercise and exhale while holding in that position.

Sixty seconds is enough. Then return to the home position.

7 - The boat: "Paripurna Navasana."

This posture works hard on the muscles, which requires good resistance. It is one of the positions that most help reduce the abdomen and legs between the positions of Yoga to lose weight.


Woman doing a hard yoga posture

Sit on the floor, keep your body erect, slightly tilted back.

The legs should be stretched, forming a "V," with its vertex of the floor.

Stretch your arms forward.

Hold this position for sixty seconds.

Swing back and forth.

There are postures that are not indicated for pregnant women or people with spine problems. In such cases, you should consult a professional.


Anyway, now you already know that we can practice Yoga to lose weight. We should always follow the exercises of a balanced diet, hydration and adequate rest. Namaste!


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