Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Yoga Poses for Back Pain

The benefits of yoga are well known by most people. In addition to the advantages to the muscles that come with physical exertion, it can also help relieve tension, eliminate stress and improve the quality of your rest. The asanas in yoga helps to ease tension in the muscles and as such relieves any pain as the muscle stretches.

Yoga is an exercise that, in addition to promoting the relaxation and learning of various breathing techniques, is very useful for working the muscles of the body. In this opportunity, we will present some Yoga postures for back pain. With them, you will be able to either avoid pain or greatly improve your flexibility and posture.

These postures can be beneficial even at the bone level: the same flexibility that we get in the muscles is applicable to bones, thus avoiding a common disease over time, osteoporosis. As if that were not enough, improving balance helps prevent falls and, consequently, bruises and fractures.

With all these factors already mentioned, we can focus on the main theme of this article: the best Yoga postures for back pain. Thanks to them, you will get all these advantages in an important area of ​​the body for your physical well-being. If you are a first timer in the practice of yoga, some of the poses may seem to be hard at first, but the key thing to note is consistency during practice. Start slowly and do not mind the achievements of other people online. At your own pace, you can get accustomed to the poses and also be able to sustain longer.

5 Yoga Poses for Back Pain

  1. Dog looking down

This is one of the best known Yoga exercises. It has great benefits for extensors, muscles that make up the lower back and that act when you lift weight, among other situations.

How to do it? Sit back, leaning your buttocks on your heels and arms outstretched as much as possible. In that moment, inhale. Then the descent begins, © reliberceed combringing your hands and torso forward until you touch the ground. At the same time exhale gently.

At this point, your hands should be facing forward, your fingers wide open and your armpits wide. Then you get up to lean on your knees and tiptoe; The next step is to lift the hip, so that the support is now on the toes.

Finally, raise your tailbone and, with firm hands, bring your head to the floor as much as possible, drawing it closer and closer to the navel. In this way, the body will be arched and your legs, spine and arms will elongate.

  1. The bow

This Yoga posture for back pain is a great alternative to lengthen your dorsal muscles well. To do it, lie on your stomach and bend your knees, while bringing the heels to the back. The knees should be separated and the forehead should point to the floor.

Bring your arms back to your ankles with your hands. Finally, unfold the arch by lifting the back and neck and pulling up the ankles; Hold this position for a few seconds, concentrating on your breathing.

  1. The fish

The Fish posture is another excellent posture that focuses on stretching your back. To begin with, lie on your stomach with your legs together and your palms under your thighs. When you reach a state of relaxation, begin to raise your chest bit by bit while gently bringing your head back.

Ideally, the top of the head should become your support, while the shoulders are separated from the ground. Stay as long as you deem appropriate, always breathing deeply. To return to the original position, bring the chin to the sternum and, little by little, support your body on the floor.


  1. Twisting of the Spine

It may seem like one of the most difficult Yoga postures, but it fights back pains and by trying you will see that it is not that difficult. To start with this work, you should stand on your back, arms outstretched to the sides and palms facing down.

Then bend the knee at a 90 ° angle, the feet should not touch the ground. The next move is to turn the hip to bring the knee up to the armpit.  As a consequence, the legs will be close to the ground. You will notice a relaxing stretch in the back, a product of the intravertebral pressure that is eliminated.

After remaining in this position for a few seconds, return to the starting position and do the other side. If you find it more comfortable, you can do this job also by keeping the other leg straight.

  1. Dog looking up

The last of the Yoga postures for back pain that we will describe is very simple. All you have to do is lie down on your belly and, with your palms on the sides of your chest, gently lift your head, shoulders and back from the floor.

The look should set itself forward as long as this exercise lasts, while the entire body of the abdomen downwards is in contact with the ground.

Back pain will be in the past if you regularly practice these Yoga postures. You do not need to go out and look for a place to practice it: just a carpet at home will suffice to put these simple and effective techniques into practice.


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