Our Story

Our Story

   We are “Reliberceed” and we are set on a path of healing the world. We care about your wellbeing, about your state of mind and your spiritual balance. We focus on restoring your natural energy with Yoga guides and products. We want to be your reliable partner and your positivity coach in the journey to better yourself and reach your desired goals.

   Our society is plagued with stressful inducing issues and exhausting distractions. In our connected era, now more than ever, we are exposed to a lot of information about global problems, wars, and crisis. All our news are mostly negative and hopeless, and they can influence our minds in numerous ways. They take a toll on us - on our body, our mind and spirit, and we need to take time to recover, instead of going through the same thing the next day, adding up to the negativity and destroying the balance of our souls.

   And the fun distractions don’t help as much as we think either. The screens, the videogames, the new ways of passing the time, are made to get us addicted, raise our adrenaline on certain triggers, and pump us with extra stress. We can’t sleep anymore, we can’t really unwind, and we are getting increasingly unhealthy.

   “Reliberceed” wants to relieve you of the negative impact of your modern lifestyle. We offer you products for Yoga, for meditation, for getting in tune with your spirit and with mother nature. We are fighting the disconnection and the decrease of humanity in the world. We want to inspire everyone and help them be more compassionate and positive in their thinking and in their relationship with others and with their surroundings.

    Our philosophy is about more than just selling you the products though. It’s about helping you, supporting you and offer you all the information you need. We are always trying to provide you with the best content and stories, to serve you in your path towards achieving piece. Our brand runs a blog full of useful guides and articles that are meant to assist you in your journey and help you regain your balance.

   Your true self is buried under the daily stressful routines, under the urban environment with all its noise, under the anxiety inducing technology and information. Let’s restore your spirit to its original state of balance and peace. Let’s release your positivity into the world and let it inspire others as well.

   We believe big changes come from the inside of each of us. We believe that our attitude and spirit can shape the world around us when we let our positive thoughts influence our decisions and how we interact with other souls. Let’s heal ourselves and the world and build a better, more peaceful future together.